Don’t Let the Lighthouses Go Dark – special reprint

The following article by Bella Bathhurst from the Notting Hill Editions Journal was passed to me by a BC lightkeeper. It was so well written I asked permission to reprint it here. Pay special attention to the author’s reasons for keeping lighthouses. *************************************¬† Don’t Let the Lighthouses go Dark by Bella Bathhurst – published November […]

A Return to Foghorns a Boon to Safety Even in Age of GPS

A return to foghorns a boon to safety even in age of GPS by Glen Farrough, ¬†Vancouver Sun, September 08, 2011 It’s been roughly eight years since the Coast Guard silenced most of the foghorns on our coastal lighthouses, for a saving of $75,000 per year. The main reason used to justify this move was […]