You Just Thought Moving Was a Pain!

Let’s face it, nobody likes moving. All the packing, loading, carrying, lifting, unpacking. There’s probably nothing more unpleasant to go through, even when you’re moving to a better place and looking forward to moving in. But try compounding that with the almost insurmountable obstacle of living on an island. Not just any island, but a […]

Groceries and Mail on a Lighthouse

Some of you may wonder why the number of stories about re-supplying the lighthouses exceeds the others on this site by a large margin (lots more coming!). Next to the family and job, the arrival of the mail and groceries was the most important event in the life of the lightkeeping family.  Imagine no telephone, […]

Day of Departure – Going on Leave c.1970s

In the days before portable radios and instant communications, we were always apprehensive about the day we headed out for holidays.  First there was the weather which as everone knows on the West Coast of Canada is always unpredictable even with modern weather forecasting. We observed the weather but rarely got any weather forecasts.  Next […]

Did You Gain Weight Over Christmas?

  The following story from the Victoria Times-Colonist caught my attention yesterday: Heavier Riders Force Capacity Cut on Washington State Ferries   A takeout from the page reads: British Columbia had the fast ferries. Now, Washington state has the fat ferries.   On Dec. 1, U.S. Coast Guard vessel stability rules raised the estimated weight […]