What You Can Do With What You Can Find

 The story I posted three days ago about the lighthouse for sale in Sitka, Alaska I found on this website called Completely Coastal. The website is a delightful mix of all things creative which are found by, or taken from the sea.

If you missed the story, click on the photo left to take you to the actual Sitka lighthouse story on my website. A fascinating place to own.

While researching the source of the term offiical navigational aid and the location and price of the home-built lighthouse for sale, I contacted the owner of Completely Coastal. Her name is Maya and she loves designing things from the sea.

Many of the advertisements on the right side of her website are also for products created from the sea. Her blog details in photos and text the creation of many of these products. I just love the driftwood Christmas tree. How many lighthouse keepers will have one of these in future years?

Take a look at her website. Drop a comment or two. Enjoy!

What Do You Do On a Lighthouse?

Exotic woods

Besides the usual question Don’t You Get Bored?, the next question “What do you do on a lighthouse?” also needs to be answered.

What do you do in your house? TV, video games, go to a show, eat out?

We did not have those luxuries, so we worked with our hands as they did in the early days.

Some people liked knitting, crocheting, or sewing; drawing, painting, or designing; writing; photography; and . . . woodwork! Now there was one I liked.  Continue reading