New Lighthouse Photos of Langara Island Lighthouse

The following photos were sent to me by David F. Pearce for publication here. Please respect his copyright. You may download the photos for your own photo collection, but they are NOT to be reposted to another website. Thanks – retlkpr

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Lightstation Identity Sign

Langara Lifghthouse Tower

Langara Lifghthouse Tower

Tower with dwelling

Tower with dwelling

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Hurricane on Langara Island – 1962

– Jeannie (Hartt) Nielsen (daughter of Ed Hartt, Senior Keeper on Langara 1957 – 1963) 

Langara Point - photo Jeannie Nielsen

I had gone by myself to the cabin for a weekend, and in the evening of the second day I was sitting in front of an open campfire watching the sun set. As the sun sank in the sky, a fast moving band of black cloud moved in. 

By midnight that night, the wind was screaming, and the sound of the ocean was ferocious. I could see nothing in the black night, and shone my flashlight toward the bay. All I could see was spray and white water. I watched anxiously for any sign of water coming in under the cabin walls, as the cabin was not far from high tide mark. And from the sound of the ocean, it was wild out there. I was scared. I laid awake all night listening to the sounds of crashing branches, and just hoped that one of the giant trees around the cabin wouldn’t come down. It would have been foolhardy to try to go home in the dark, so all I could do was wait it out.  Continue reading