Reprint – Taiwan – Twelve Lighthouses to Brighten Up Visitors’ Travels From June 30

I still do not know all, but on August 19, 2011 I wrote How many Countries in the World Have Manned Lighthouses?  Today, June 07, 2012, I found an article that states that Taiwan has 34 lighthouses, and according to my friend Lighthouse Ghost, at least one of these is manned, Pengchia. Below is the article […]

In Memorium – Prospect Point Lighthouse – Automated!

Prospect Point Lighthouse Latitude 49 18 50.4N, Longitude 123 08 29.1W       List of Lights #392  Established: October 01, 1888       Automated: January 1926  Three nautical miles east of Point Atkinson, situated at the base of a cliff, stands the lonely and short-lived lighthouse called Prospect Point. The light was first manned in October 1888 and was overshadowed by […]

Italy Still Has Manned Lighthouses

THE TWILIGHT OF ITALY’S LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS Italy will still need lighthouses. But with new technology, lighthouse keepers are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Already just 62 of the country’s 161 “faros” have actual human operators. Lighthouse in Vieste, Italy (Roby Ferrari)  By Fabio Pozzo LA STAMPA/Worldcrunch More on this story here. (Possible)Related posts: […]

How Many Countries in the World Have MANNED Lighthouses?

  I am often asked how many countries in the world still have manned lighthouses, and how many. Do you know? There is one minor problem – How Many Countries Are There? Watch this short Youtube video to find out . . . or not! I am asking for help in finding out which countries actually do have […]