I Remember . . . c. early 1960s

Langara Point


– from Jeannie (Hartt) Nielsen (daughter of Ed Hartt, Senior Keeper on Langara 1957 – 1963) 



Growing up on a total of five different west coast lighthouses I remember certain things that were common to them all. The best day was always supply day (see also the Groceries & Mail Categories). When we were on Langara lighthouse in the early years (1957 – 1963) we received supplies every three months. I can remember the first thing I listened for in the early morning of landing day was the clicking sound of the damper in the chimney of the kitchen’s oil stove. When I heard that I knew that there would be no supplies landed that day as the wind was too high.

One December I heard that dreaded sound twenty (20) days in a row, and each day the ship tried to bring our groceries. We would watch as it would come into view just off Langara Rocks. They would assess the landing conditions, then we would watch with growing dispair as it turned back to the safety of a nearby harbour. Finally on the 21st day, the supply tender (itself running out of provisions) was able to deliver our supplies.  Continue reading



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I Remember c. 1927

Sisters Island c. 1927

– Lloyd Smithman (Son of Henry Herbert Smithman who was Senior Keeper at Sisters Island 1927 – 1929) 

I remember . . . 

  • going to the waters edge at night and seeing the dog fish so numerous in the light from a lantern that you thought you could walk on them.
  • the time that Dad and Ted caught an octopus that measured 8 feet across.
  • still how the suction cups felt on my hand.
  • the time that a little octopus came up to Stan’s foot while he was wading one day.
  • the day a seagull was eating a star fish and got it part way down. The gulls throat was bulged out and it appeared he was going to choke to death. Dad got his rifle to put it out of its misery but it slowly went down and the gull flew away.
  • cleaning lamp chimneys for the coal oil lamps.
  • eating eggs preserved with waterglass!
  • canned milk Continue reading