Celebrating the Lighthouses of PEI


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Private (Model) Lighthouse For Sale

Private (Model) Lighthouse For Sale – via Journal Pioneer


Wall looks out from the top floor his lighthouse.


New Annan fisherman looking to sell unique lawn ornament
NEW ANNAN – Anybody want to buy a lighthouse? Chris Wall of New Annan is selling his.

It’s three storeys tall and is a scaled down replica of the Cape Tryon Light.

It’s currently sitting on Wall’s front lawn in New Annan, on the headlands of the Barbara Weit River.

Anyone who’s driven by his property would probably have noticed the structure – it’s pretty hard to miss. The lighthouse is the pride and joy of his carpentry hobby, said the career lobster fisherman, but he’s recently decided that it’s time to move on to his next challenge.

So he’s offering up his lighthouse to a good home for $15,000. . . . more

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Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society

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From the Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society comes this beautiful descriptive map of ALL the lighthouses (manned and automated) on Prince Edward Island (aka PEI), the smallest of Canada’s provinces. It consists of the main island and 231 minor islands. Altogether the entire province has a land area of 5,685.73 km2 (2,195.27 sq mi). (Wiki) Continue reading

Here Is How To Do It in Prince Edward Island

This is how you go about saving a lighthouse. Work for it! Work together for it. Councillor Rob Lantz of Charlottetown electoral ward 3 (Brighton), Charlottetown, PEI, Canada has given me permission to repost this article here from his Ward 3 Brighton blog.


Saving the Brighton Beach Range Light
Published by Councillor Rob Lantz on January 10, 2012   in Heritage

The  Brighton Beach Range Front Light is a designated heritage resource under the city’s Zoning & Development Bylaw. The lighthouse was built in 1890. It is an iconic symbol of our nautical heritage and provides a scenic shoreline vista that is photographed as much as, maybe more than, any other site in Charlottetown.

Random photos pulled from the photo sharing site Flickr.

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Lighthouse Photos from Emails

As this website is about lighthouses, many people send me emails with photos and links. This past week I received three such emails so I will combine them all in one as they all contained photos of lighthouses. – JC

Email 1. Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia During Hurricane Irene (text from the email)

Hurricane Irene 2011

These pictures show the seas that came ashore after Hurricane Irene (August 20 – 29, 2011) went by.  Many of you have been to Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. Well, the RCMP had the road shut down – only people who lived in the village could enter. The road was closed on both sides of the cove; waves were coming in over the road at about 10 meters, 30 feet for those that are not bi-measurement. The last hurricane that went by actually moved the restaurant at Peggy’s Cove a couple of feet.  These pictures were taken with a telephoto lens from the hill beside the cove. The pictures were taken by a friend of a neighbour (will the friend of the neighbour please come forward and introduce yourself – nice photos) – JC Continue reading