Poetry – The Lighthouse Keeper Wonders

This is too good not to reprint. The Lighthouse Keeper Wonders by Edgar Guest (Wikipedia article on Edgar Guest). This is one the better lighthouse poems. I sometimes wonder too – all those beautiful lighthouses destroyed because of automation.


The Lighthouse Keeper Wonders
by Edgar Guest (1881 – 1959)

The light I have tended for 40 years
is now to be run by a set of gears.
The Keeper said, And it isn’t nice
to be put ashore by a mere device.
Now, fair or foul the wind that blow
or smooth or rough the sea below,
It is all the same. The ships at night
will run to an automatic light.

The clock and gear which truly turn
are timed and set so the light shall burn.
But did ever an automatic thing
set plants about in early Spring?
And did ever a bit of wire and gear
a cry for help in darkness hear?
Or welcome callers and show them through
the lighthouse rooms as I used to do?
‘Tis not in malice these things I say
All men must bow to the newer way. Continue reading

Lighthouse Quotations

I wasn’t going to do this page because there are not too many lighthouse quotations out there. The only two good ones I found were: 

Lighthouses are more helpful than churches. – Benjamin Franklin


I can think of no other edifice constructed by man as altruistic as a lighthouse. They were built only to serve. – George Bernard Shaw

Does anybody know of anymore? Send them on and I can add them here, and give you a credit for finding them.

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Lighthouse Poetry

I am not a poet, or I should re-phrase that and say that I can write about lighthouses, but I cannot write poetry about lighthouses, so I went on the Internet and started looking.

On my old site I had two links to lighthouse poetry, but only one seems to be working now.

Dan’s Lighthouse website has quite a few poems, most with a religious tone to them, but interesting reading. His poetry webpage is found here. Continue reading