Just In Time For Christmas!


LEGO Lighthouse Island


Yes, it’s just in time for Christmas and it is red and white, just like a Canadian lighthouse. It is the new LEGO model # 5770, called Lighthouse Island. Any child would love it; any adult who collects lighthouses will want it too! Just ignore the sign on the box that says ages 8 – 12.


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LEGO Lighthouse

LEGO lighthouse

LEGO lighthouse

As this is a family website, created for all lovers of lighthouses, and especially our British Columbia (BC) lighthouses, then the site should cater to all people.

If your child is into LEGO, then here is a small LEGO lighthouse they can build.

Clicking on the photo will bring up a larger image, which can also be enlarged enough for printing.

If parts are not available, then you can order them from a LEGO store like this one in USA. This LEGO outlet also has a product called “Lighthouse Island”, item #5770 which you can see here.

Are there any more LEGO lighthouse ideas or products out there?