Travel – Bahamas Has Two Dozen Lighthouses!

Iconic lighthouses lead the way to The Bahamas from the Caribeean News Now 

Map of Bahamas

NASSAU, Bahamas — Sailors prized them. Pirates hated them. Today they are romantic symbols of adventure, travel and solitude. Lighthouses still stand watch throughout The Islands of The Bahamas and The Bahamas Lighthouse Preservation Society safeguards three of the world’s few remaining kerosene-burning, hand-wound lighthouses.

Built in 1863, the famed Hope Town Lighthouse on Elbow Cay, Abaco still guides boats and ships today. Boating remains a way of life in the Abacos and throughout The Bahamas and the lighthouses are treasured even if modern captains navigate by satellite.  Continue reading

Do You Remember This Aircraft?

Dehavilland Beaver DHC-2

A friend sent me this Youtube link about the Dehavilland Beaver in an email and it brought back lots of memories of the British Columbia coast. This is the “Beaver Ballad” performed by the Fretless Bar Girls.

What does a seaplane have to do with lighthouses?

In the days before helicopters many of these DeHavilland Beavers landed at lighthouses with supplies and mail, or were used to ferry lighthouse keepers and their families to and from the nearest town to a major center for their holidays. Continue reading

Travel-Northern Samar Offers Undisturbed Paradise Islets


Many of you know I have travelled to the Philippines to visit many times, and I have seen some parts of the 7,107 island paradise. Also, because of my former occupation which led to this website, I am also interested in lighthouses, so when the two of them come together, then it is of interest to me, and hopefully to you also.


 Northern Samar Offers Undisturbed Paradise Islets

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte—Northern Samar will soon be found on the tourism map.

The provincial government is developing four beautiful, undisturbed islands as premier tourist destinations—Biri, Capul, San Antonio and San Vicente, all along the San Bernardino Strait separating Samar and Luzon. . . . 

. . . Capul boasts of a 16th-century church and a century-old lighthouse. The church was not only a place of worship but also a refuge from Moro raids in the early days. Recently, it was declared a historical site by the National Historical Commission.

To continue reading on this fascinating area, please visit the website of the Inquirer News here.

Travel – Space and Lighthouses Combined


Cape Canaveral lighthouse

Now this is something I would like to see! Visit Cape Canaveral and also see a lighthouse on the property. Too cool!


Another article on the Civil War history of the Cape Canaveral lighthouse appeared here: