Two of the World’s Oldest Lighthouses

Under the title Can you shed light on it? by the Grimsby Telegraph and posted: on May 01, 2014 Tim Mickleburgh said: The world’s oldest lighthouse (the Pharos of Alexandria) was built by Sostratus of Cnidus around 270 BC. It was a pyramid-shaped tower of white marble on the island of Pharos (in Greek the word Pharos means […]

Reprint – The World’s Most Incredible Lighthouses

  The World’s Most Incredible Lighthouses See the amazing towers from Cape Hatteras to Thailand from Weather.AOL.com by VALERIE CONNERS JAN 15, 2013 kaddisudhi via Flickr 1 of 21   It’s hard to resist the allure of lighthouses. They stand sentry on rock-strewn, wave-battered coasts, often for for centuries, guiding mariners toward safer shores. And their very presence is a […]

Top 10 Tallest Lighthouses In The World

– from the website CoolThingsWorld. Today, we can find lighthouses not at the edges of the ocean only. These 10 lighthouses on the following list for example. Some are standing far away from the ocean and they rise taller than most building around the site where they stand. Here are top 10 tallest lighthouse in the world. […]