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1960 National Archives of Canada

S10-136-80/5 (JDPG)

Victoria Island,
Ottawa, Ontario

8 February 1960

Minas Basin Pulp & Paper Co
Hansport, NS

Re: Forestry Tower Near New Yarmouth, NS

Dear Sirs:

As part of the Air Defence System in Canada, consideration is being given to construct installations at the location of a forestry tower operated by your company. This location is:

New YarmouthCumberland2 miles NW of West Advocate, 70 ft high

Our proposed installation will consist of two buildings and a tower. One building and the tower will be located as close as possible to the highest point of the hill without interfering with existing structures on the site. The second building will be located at various distances away, depending upon topography and soil conditions. This lower building will house our power plant and emergency accommodations whereas the upper building will house the operating equipment.

On sites which are presently occupied by a forestry tower, consideration is being given to construct a joint purpose tower, with the air defence installation on the roof and the fire lookout cabin immediately below. This tower will be either 75 feet or 100 feet high depending upon the height required for forestry purposes. The fire lookout cabin will be either 65 feet or 90 feet abov the ground, approximately.

The design of this joint purpose tower is not complete, but the general details of it are shown on the attached drawing. The fire lookout cabin will be 12' x 12' x 10' approximately. The windows will be 4' x 4' approximately, 3 feet above the floor. The upper portion of the door will be glassed. Obstructions will be kept to a minimum. A ladder used for reaching the roof from inside the cabin will be hinged to the ceiling and swung out of the way when not in use. A 3" x 3" metal tube will, however, have to run up past one of the windows. The cabin will be supplied with 2 - 10 amps circuits for lights and radio equipment.

It will be difficult to make changes to the design of this joint purpose tower when completed, as the design is being prepared in the United States. Consequently, it would be appreciated if you would indicate, by return mail, your agreement in principle with the facilities indicated on the attached drawing.

Yours truly,

(JW Griffith)
Group Captain
for Chief of the Air Staff.