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Welcome to the Pinetree Line Web Site!

Dearest Member and Guests,

It's with a heavy heart that I advise that my husband, Ren L'Ecuyer, went to sleep for the last time at 2p.m., Saturday, July 23, 2005. Many of you followed us through his cancer journey during 2003 with loving support - for which we thank you. Ren had recently suffered a series of health problems that we sincerely believed he would recover from. His passing was unexpected, but he is at peace. Cremation has been arranged with no service, which is what Ren would have wanted. I will take a private moment some time in the future and spread Ren's ashes in the bay here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which was our chosen retirement home.

As you know, Ren developed each website with passion and fervor - truly a labour of love for him. Many times during our conversations over the years, Ren had asked that, if on his passing, I would keep the websites going for an indefinite period of time - perhaps with the thought that someone might like to take up where he left off. Our dear friend, Brent Sirna, who most of you don't know, was involved behind the scenes with the technical aspects of the websites. Brent has assured me that I will have his full support in fulfilling Ren's wish. I'm not sure how we go forward from here, but we will keep you notified. Please bear with us as we work it out. I will be traveling to Canada shortly for a few weeks, at which time I will get together with Brent to discuss everything related to the websites. Afterwards I will return to our home in Mexico.

I know that you recently may have sent Ren personal and memorable materials to be posted on the board. Ren was always meticulous about returning these items to the individual, and I will try to do the same. It just may take me a little longer as I sort things out. As I am not too familiar with the workings of the website, should you need to contact me in the near future, please e-mail me at I've always dreaded the day that I might have to write this message, however I ask that you now join me in saying "Good Night Ren" - your friend, my husband....the love of my life.

Margaret L'Ecuyer

The Background and Political Climate

  • Background

    This section introduces the philosophy of why this Web site was created and to whom it is dedicated.

  • In The Beginning

    The beginning of the Pinetree Line.

  • Slide Show

    This series of slides is reproduced from an official presentation from the Cold War era. It clearly shows the overwhelming concern about nuclear attack and stresses the kind of political and military climate that the thousands of personnel lived with while serving on the Pinetree Line.

  • Reports

    This section offers an assortment of monthly progress reports which originated within the Pinetree Project Office covering the Pinetree Line during the years 1952-55. We have also obtained a small number of Canadian External Relations reports which pertain to the Pinetree Line or Contintental Defence during the years 1952-55.

The Physical Locations:

  • Radar Stations Map

    This map shows the location of the 44 Pinetree Line radar sites on a map of Canada. Click on the map for a larger and more detailed view.

  • Air Defense Boundaries

    This series of maps shows the locations of the various Regional Operational Control Centres, NORAD boundaries and radar coverage by the various sites and spans the years 1955 through 1975.

  • Pinetree Locations

    This is the index page for the 44 sites on the Pinetree Line. Beside each name is the date of the last update of information for that site. Clicking on the name of a station takes you to an "index card" with statistical data and links to photos, area maps, crests and travel detail specific to that station. Not all the detail is complete. If you have information that can fill in the gaps please consider contributing to this site.

  • Gap Fillers  new!

    Besides the main stations on the Pinetree Line there were a series of "Gap Fillers" planned and built to cover the gaps in radar coverage. Information on these sites are similar to that for the main locations.

  • Metz, France

    Metz France was the location of 61 AC&W Squadron. There were also a number of other lodger units located at Metz such as 1 Air Division HQ, Support Unit (SU) Metz and 601 Telecom Squadron to name a few. We also offer detail on the RCAF Cemetery which was located at Choloy.


  • Miscellaneous  new!

    This page is the gathering place for all items that don't fit in anywhere else on this site.

Making Contact

  • Guestbook

    If this is your first time visiting this site or if you haven't yet done so please leave your comments on our Guestbook. Include your e-mail address so that others may contact you. You will find older entries archived by month.

  • Message Areas

    This is the place to contact those that you served with and to initiate an exchange of memories, information and "what-ever-happened-to" exchanges with others that served on the Pinetree Line. There is a General message area and one devoted to each of the primary locations.

  • Pinetree Line Database

    Have you ever wondered where all the people you served with on the Pinetree Line have gone to? This is a "living" register of those that served on the Pinetree Line. You can search for someone by last name, by location or view the entire database. We encourage you to enter your own career details that pertain to the Pinetree Line.

  • Update your E-Mail address

    Have you changed your E-Mail address lately? If so, please advise us of your current E-Mail address so that we can maintain an accurate database on the web site. NOTE - This feature is intended for those who have their career detail in our database. If you are not listed in our database, please select the database option and provide the detail as requested.

Other Pinetree Line Pages

  • Other Resources

    This page includes Web sites, articles, books and videos that are related to the Pinetree Line. If you are looking for more information this is a great starting point.


  • Reunions  new!

    This section provides detail on a number of pertinent reunions. There are photographs, station crests and other detail that you are sure to find interesting

Assistance & Legal Issues

  • Help Wanted

    We need your help! Please read this section to learn how you can help us out.

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