Early Unwatched Lights (Alphabetical Order)
Balfour?Unknown positionJ. W. Gallup1910N side of entrance to West Arm Kootenay Lake, NE of Nelson - GeoBC; No longer listed as such in current  List of Lights ; Name found in Vancouver City Directory for 1910
Ball IslandUnknown positionThomas Charles Lindsay Hayllar1912Name found in Vancouver City Directory for 1912NW point of Hardy Island, Jervis Inlet,
LL#728Between Inskip and Rushbrook Passages in entrance to Port Simpson, off NW side of Tsimpsean Peninsula N of Prince Rupert; LL#728 On rock, S. of Knox Point.Gordon Lockerby1905Did someone from Port Simpson looked after this one?
"  George Rudge 1905-1917 
Brotchie LedgeLL#205off Victoria harbour, chart 3415? Glide1905Someone rowed out twice each day to tend this. Automated November 30, 1934.
"  Thomas Sparks1905-1934 
Carr Point?Unknown positionJohn Charles Clarence1915-1916Could be E side Hastings Arm, N end Observatory Inlet, Cassiar Land District - GeoBC
"  John Edward Sugars1916-1918OR Could be In Metlakatla Bay, Venn Passage (Carr Island) - GeoBC
"  J. Brixton1918-? 
Channel Rock?Unknown positionG. Strickland1914Could be LL 258, on N. end of North Channel Islands, near Saltspring Island, chart 3478?; 1914-1943
"  John Pool1930-1940OR Could be W side Loudoun Channel, Barkley Sound, 48°54'00''N, 125°26'00''W - GeoBC Latitude-Longitude: 48°54'00''N, 125°26'00''W at the approximate centre of this feature.
"  Douglas Thompson1940OR Could be in entrance to Port Neville, N side Johnstone Strait, 50°30'00''N, 126°05'00'' - GeoBC
"  Douglas Thompson1943 
LL#277On SE Shoal Island, chart 3475R. Allan1910 
"  Harry Fothergill Carter1913-1915 
"  Charles Walter Dume1915-1916 
LL#499On reef on W. side of island, southward of Denman Point, chart 3527John A. McMillan1911Automated April 02, 1921; operational 1910-1921
"  H. Piercy1911-1921 
Duke Point (aka Jack point)LL#438.5Unknown position??Extending N into Nanaimo Harbour on the W side of Northumberland Channel; Eventually Duke Point and the adjacent larger finger, Jack Point LL#438.5, were dredged and filled, forming one large peninsula, now commonly called Duke Point. - GeoBC
Folly (Fossy) IslandLL#?SW. of Highway Islands, Schooner Retreat, Dawson's LandingJames Thomas Forsyth1900-1904it's NOT Fossy, but Folly seems to fit
"  F. W. L. Reuter1904-1905 
Fraser River LightsLL#310-371 and 380.5-385positions as found in List of LightsP. A. Parker?Besides Garry Point & North Arm (below), we have many lights on the Fraser River which were looked after by individuals working for the Department of Public Works (DPW) from Steveston or under separate contract; reportedly looked after by P. A. Parker - same for Garry Point?
LL#333W. of point, near Steveston (Fraser River), chart 3490? Gilmore19531953; Square skeleton tower on 9-pile dolphin, green and white rectangular daymarks.
LL#272On point, W. entrance to Active Pass, chart 3473;Daniel Tom1909-1921Used to have a fog bell - 1940-1941; Operational 1909-1941
" OR On South side of entrance to Kitkatla Inlet - GeoBCJ. W. Tinkley1921-1940 
"  Charles Victor Ferneyhough1940-1941 
"  Herbert Bishop1941 
"  G. F. Daniels? 
Kaslo (Spit)LL#17W side of Kootenay Lake, NE of Nelson; On Kootenay Lake, Chart 3050,Kootenay Electric Company employee1911Name found in Vancouver City Directory for 1911
Kootenay Landing (Outer)LL#13.3On Kootenay Lake, Chart 3050Canadian Pacific Railway employee1911Name found in Vancouver City Directory for 1911
KyuquotLL#84Kyuquot Channel light and whistle buoy M38, Entrance to channel, S entrance to Kyuquot Sound, along SE side of Union Island, Chart 3682A. Ellis1910This is a possible location - no confirmation; Name found in Vancouver City Directory for 1910
Lardo (Lardeau) SpitLL#20W side of Kootenay Lake, near N end; Near high water mark on end of spit, Lardeau, Kootenay Lake, Chart 3050Canadian Pacific Railway employee1911Possible location; Note spelling; Name found in Vancouver City Directory for 1911
McLoughlin (MacLaughlin) Point?W. side of entrance to Victoria Harbour, NE. of Harrison Island; 2 NM from Fisgard Light, right below Work Point BarracksJames Davies?Not in current List of Lights
"  W. P. Daykin1912-1916 
"  Anna Daykin1916-1917 
Meares Spit light buoy Y8 (aka Mission Point Light)LL#126Extending SW from Schindler Point, W side of Meares Island, just N of Tofino - GeoBC; W. end, Heynen Channel.Reece Riley1918-1921 
"  Frederick Gerald Tibbs1917-1921 
Nanaimo HarbourLL#440E side of Vancouver Island between Nanaimo and Galiano Island; S. side of entrance to harbourH. B. Shaw?This is definitely not Entrance Island nor Gallows Point;
North Arm LightsLL#382-385Mouth of the Fraser River, separating Lulu and Sea Islands (Richmond) from Vancouver>James Quinn1913-1919Fraser River, Chart3491; Automated November 01, 1919
LL#204On outer end of breakwater - Chart 3412 ??Probably serviced by the same man that maintained Brotchie Ledge;
LL#249In Satellite Channel, NE of Hatch Point; On rock, entrance to Saanich Inlet, chart 3441;Hugh Moore1911-19211911-1921; Automated
"  J. D. Hicking1921 
Pilot BayLL#11 (old)Near the town of Pilot Bay on Kootenay LakeO. McElroy1905-1906No longer listed as such in current List of Lights; 1905-1934; Automated 1934; Decommisioned 1953;
"  J. S. McCasslin1906-1907 
"  Eugene Montreuil1907-1934 
Polly (Potty) PointLL#165Unknown location?? Is this Polly Point, LL165, on Polly Point, Alberni harbour, chart 3668? OR Pelly Point at the entrance to Victoria Harbour; LL208; Chart 3415 OR Pelly Point near the mouth of the Fraser River; Not listed in List of Lights; 1945;
ProctorLL#10Entrance to W. Arm Kootenay Lake, chart 3050J. W. Gallup1910Name found in Vancouver City Directory for 1910
Sechart Lightnot listedpossibly E. of Lyall Point, NE. side of Barkley Sound, ClayoquotG. Strickland?In Alberni Inlet?; No longer listed as such in current List of Lights; It could even be a mispelled "Sechelt"
Shark Spit?N. end of Marina Island, E. side of Sutil Channel, SaywardG. Strickland?Not in current List of Lights;
Sooke LightLL#188.1 OR 188.2one of two lights listed as outer and inner range; probably the outerAlexander Wolsey Donaldson1906-1907This could also be Whiffin Spit, LL188, E. end of spit, Sooke, chart 3411; 1906-1938; Automated January 31, 1938
"  Adam Godtel1907-1913 
"  Alexander Davidson1913 
"  Peter Hansen Stuhr1913-1935 
"  William Meredith1935-1937 
"  Alexander Wolsey Donaldson1937-1938 
LL#168.1Somass River, W. coast Vancouver Island, chart 3668;G. A. Paterson?Name found in Vancouver City Directory for 1910
Swale (Swaile) RockLL#150NE. end Broken Group, BarclayGeorge L. Thompson1916This is possibly Swale Rock, LL 150, on Prideau Island, near Amphitrite Point, Barkley Sound; Chart 3670
Victoria Harbour Entrance light buoy V21LL#204.5one of two or three lights originally at entrance to Victoria HarbourT. Sparks?Is this same as "McLaughlin" listed above?;
"  J. W. Davies? 
Chrome (Yellow) Island rangeLL#495-496Chrome Island range light, chart 3527;?? 
LL#291Trincomali Channel, S. of Retreat Cove, Galiano Island,near Saltspring Island, chart 3442;John Georgeson?Name found in Vancouver City Directory for 1911