In Memorium – George Alfred Harris (1858 – 1925)

In Memorium – George Alfred Harris (1858 – 1925)

Leaving England in 1909, George Harris ( – March 16, 1925) moved to British Columbia for a new life. He had a Chief Engineer’s ticket from Liverpool but he had to sit for his 3rd and 2nd class Engineering tickets again because his Liverpool papers were not valid in B.C. He worked a few years as an officer on the steam tug S.S. “Proctor” on Trout Lake south of Revelstoke, B.C. He started working as an Engineer at the Anvil Island Brick Company in June 1913 but a week or two later he was given the First Narrows Light and Fog Station. He replaced Alex M. Rood who had left the station May 13, 1913. He worked alone on station as there was only room for a cot in the engine room. Later a house was erected for the keeper and his family which adjoined the lighthouse building. He became ill in Fall 1924 and died on station March 16, 1925. His wife, Dorothy, took over the running of the station until relieved by Alfred Dickenson in December 1925. – Dorothy Mawdsley (Harris) Harrop (daughter of first light keeper, George Alfred Harris of First Narrows Light) – Thanks to Alf and Maxine Harrop for permission to print. Alf is the grandson of George Harris.

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Retired (2001) British Columbia lighthouse keeper after 32 years on the lights.

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