In Memorium – Robert Eric Akerstrom (1936 – 2004)

In Memorium – Robert Eric Akerstrom (1936 – 2004)

Rotten Robert

Bob Akerstrom (October 02, 1936 – September 28, 2004 in Prince Rupert, BC) was known by all as “Rotten Robert”. It was an affectionate term for one of the best relief keepers we had in the Northern District of Prince Rupert.
Bob was always welcomed on every lighthstation because of his work and his sense of humour.
The wives often said that he left the house neater and cleaner than before he came.
Bob worked relief on Triple island, Green Island, Langara Point, McInnes Island, Addenbroke Island, Egg Island, and many other lighthouses on the North Coast.
He was a good friend and is missed by all.

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Bob’s plaque on the Prince Rupert seaside Memorial Wall

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Retired (2001) British Columbia lighthouse keeper after 32 years on the lights.

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