Can You Draw a Lighthouse?

Can You Draw a Lighthouse?

Can you draw a lighthouse? I cannot, but the people at Turbo Squid seem to be able to.

3D lighthouse drawing


You have never heard of Turbo Squid? Neither had I until I came across the picture at the left. This is a 3D drawing of a lighthouse. 



3D lighthouse showing makeup


The actual drawing is made up of 346 polygons and 631 triangles according to the website and the photos. These polygons and triangles can be seen in the photo on the left.


More lighthouse drawings!

 I am not too sure how these are made or with what program, but the workmanship is fantastic, and there seems to be a demand for lighthouses. The photo at the left is from the website and shows fifty (50) lighthouse drawings (with enlargements) and this is one of four (4) pages!

Some of the drawings allow different views, sometimes looking up, or down or even inside the model in the drawing.


From the information on the webpage, the drawings are for sale, to be used as you wish once purchased – movies, games, or personal use. It seems that they will also do custom work, so if you have the money, you can have a 3D drawing made of your favourite lighthouse – it can even be animated! Below are a few more samples just wet your appetite!

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