A Quick Present for Christmas

A Quick Present for Christmas

I came across this item in a sale flyer that came out today. It is a jigsaw puzzle lighthouse in 3D. It is available in many places in Europe, and possibly in America (Canada and USA), although I did not find it in Amazon.ca or Amazon.com. The finished tower is 8.3 cms (3.25″) wide  by 35.0 cms (13.5″) high.

 The advertising video on the webpage shows it a bit exaggerated I think. To find the videos look to the right of the two small photos on the webpage, and you will find the videos in two blue boxes labelled TV-Spot and Erklärfilm. One of the videos is here – click your mouse on the blue link.


If you are interested, the product is available direct from Ravensburger.de for €22.99. I have translated the website page using Google Translate for the non-German speaking readers.



There are more details on this PDF file here which shows the construction and modelling of the puzzle.

I think it is worth the price and am going to purchase one tomorrow. Happy puzzling!

Uüpdate! After looking around, I managed to get one for €15.99 at Müller in my hometown of Linz, Austria, and saw others in other adverts for €19.99 at Interspar, and €23.99 in Thalia.


As for Amazon.ca in Canada there are some 3D lighthouses here, and in Amazon.com there are some others here. I think this one is better!

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