Disegno Canadian Jewellery

Disegno Canadian Jewellery

Pamela Coulston, the lady that wrote the story Ice and Men which I reprinted on this website also has another talent – she designs jewellery – Canadian-inspired jewellery. This is not a plug to get you to buy her jewellery. I get no commissions from it. I just wanted to bring to your attention the craftsmanship here. Myself, I love silver jewellery, but there is also gold offered if you are so inclined. I have three or four favourites among her selections.

 It’s hard to say which is my most favourite, but this salmon from her Canadian West Coast Marine Life collection is one of I would choose first. It is 5 cms long and swivels actively on a necklace. I would have to say this ranks number one with me.


My next pick is the canoe. Based on a typical Prospector canoe design these were usually built on a wood frame with canvas over the whole and then painted to make them waterproof. Give it together with one of her paddles from the same Canoes, Kayaks and Dragon Boat selection and you have a gift any outdoorsman would cherish.

 My next choice would be the Spirit Bear from her Bear collection.  Spirit bears are also called the Kermode bear and are found only on the Central Coast of British Columbia. This piece of jewellery, especially in silver, reflects the spirit of this wonderful animal.


And last, but not the least of my choices would have to be the Inukshuk from the Arctic / Antarctic Animals and Inukshuks collection, also in silver. I spent some time in the subartic and really got hooked on native art. The Inukshuk is not only art, as in the jewellery here, but also a signpost for the Eskimos on the barren Arctic landscape. This piece comes in small, medium and large sizes.

 I am not going to list prices here. It is not my business. i just wanted you to see the beauty of Pamela’s designs. Now, if we could only get her to design a couple of Canadian lighthouses, that would be a special treat for all the readers here. How about a small medium and large Estevan Point or Race Rocks Pamela?

There are many more collections and pieces available on her website. Check out the product page here. Enjoy!

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Retired (2001) British Columbia lighthouse keeper after 32 years on the lights.

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