Reprint – Taiwan – Twelve Lighthouses to Brighten Up Visitors’ Travels From June 30

Reprint – Taiwan – Twelve Lighthouses to Brighten Up Visitors’ Travels From June 30

I still do not know all, but on August 19, 2011 I wrote How many Countries in the World Have Manned Lighthouses? 

Today, June 07, 2012, I found an article that states that Taiwan has 34 lighthouses, and according to my friend Lighthouse Ghost, at least one of these is manned, Pengchia. Below is the article from the China Post, Taiwan edition:


Penchia Islet lighthouse

TAIPEI–Twelve out of the 34 lighthouses in Taiwan and its outlying islands, including three known as the “Northern Taiwan Triangle,” will be opened for public visits on June 30, as the end of an era in lighthouse management draws to a close.

The Directorate General of Customs (DGOC), which is under the Ministry of Finance, supervises Taiwan’s border facilities and opens several lighthouses for public visits every year to mark Tax Day and introduce people to Taiwan’s lighthouse culture, said Hung Kuo-ching, head of the DGOC’s Department of Maritime Affairs.

This year will be a little different, however, because it will be the last time people can see the lighthouses carrying the DGOC sign, Hung said.

“The lighthouse management system, which has existed for over 140 years, will soon become history,” Hung said, explaining that lighthouse facilities have been managed by customs authorities since Englishman Robert Hart took over as Inspector General of Customs in China during the Qing Dynasty in 1863.

Hart pushed to build lighthouses and other facilities to improve maritime safety and expand trading through China’s ports and brought their management under the control of his agency.

Customs authorities have been responsible for Taiwan’s lighthouses since that era, even as the island’s governments have changed, but the Ministry of Transportation and Communications will take over the duties on Jan. 1, 2013 as part of a government reorganization.

Six of the 12 lighthouses will be opened to the public for the first time since last June, according to the DGOC.

They are the Hoek and Bitoujiao lighthouses (two of the three in the Northern Taiwan Triangle), Baishajia Lighthouse in Taoyuan County, Fangyuan Lighthouse in Changhua County, Lyudao Lighthouse on Green Island, and Cilaibi Lighthouse in Hualien County.

The other six lighthouses, which are regularly open to visitors, are the San Diego Lighthouse (the third of the Northern Taiwan Triangle), and lighthouses in Kaohsiung, Eluanbi (on Taiwan’s southern tip), on Yuwen Island in outlying Penghu County and on Dongyin and Dongjyu islands in outlying Lienchiang County (Matsu).

The Dongjyu Lighthouse was built by Hart and a colleague in 1872 to help guide ships into the port of Fuzhou.

According to Hung, described by his colleagues at the DGOC as a lighthouse encyclopedia, the Yuwen Island Lighthouse in Penghu, built in the 18th century, is the oldest lighthouse in Taiwan and has been designated as a second-degree historic monument.


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