What Do They Do With an Old Coast Guard Boat?

What Do They Do With an Old Coast Guard Boat?

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) has had many ships since it began – the old and the new.

CCG is constantly replacing old ships with a newer version as is mentioned below:

Newest Canadian Coast Guard ship named for fallen soldier Jun 09, 2014 

The 43-metre CCGS Corporal McLaren M.M.V.  — named for Cpl. Mark McLaren — was formally presented in Dartmouth on Monday. (CBC)

but what does the CCG do with the old ships? Many are sold for scrap (eg CCGS Camsell) but this man found out what he wanted to do with one that was decommissioned: 

Businessmen to revive former Coast Guard ship  June 6, 2014


The former mid-shore patrol vessel Isle Rouge was purchased through government auction.

Donatelli and Terrio are considering using it as a tour boat for perhaps 50 – 60 people and note a refitting and a raft of permits would be needed.

If it sees that new life, it could tour areas around Niagara or Toronto, and be in service by next summer. . . . more

So, if you need a new boat, or any other item that you have seen in Coast Guard service, just go to the Government of Canada Surplus (GCSurplus) website and make your selection. 

Item Details 1980 Former CCGS Isle Rouge Midshore Patrol Vessel Sale Account  R3TO0011146 3 10594   GCSurplus
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