Just In Time For Christmas!

  Yes, it’s just in time for Christmas and it is red and white, just like a Canadian lighthouse. It is the new LEGO model # 5770, called Lighthouse Island. Any child would love it; any adult who collects lighthouses will want it too! Just ignore the sign on the box that says ages 8 […]

Website – Rough Radio – Wireless on the BC Coast

This is a promotion for my friend Frank Statham’s website Rough Radio – Wireless on the British Columbia Coast. As I started off collecting lighthouse keeper names for genealogy records, Frank started with a collection of photographs, and with his past work as a radio operator, his interest was sparked into creating a website to […]

Book – Images and Voices of Lighthouse Country

Images and Voices of Lighthouse Country – A pict/oral history of Deep Bay, Bowser, Qualicum Bay, Horne Lake by Rita Levitz and Leah Willott Local authors Rita Levitz and Leah Willot have captured the heart of Lighthouse Country. Packed with interviews, news clippings and over 150 black and white photographs, the unforgettable stories of life […]

Book – Lighthouse Chronicles by Flo Anderson

Lighthouse Chronicles – Twenty Years on the B.C. Lights These are the first-hand stories of Flo Anderson and her husband Trevor and their four children as left left the city life in 1961 for a life on the British Columbia lighthouses. They worked as lighthouse keepers for the next twenty years at Lennard Island, Barrett […]

Book – Women on a Lighthouse? You Bet!

In the early days women were not listed as lighthouse personnel, even though they often did the work of a second man. A lady in the US has written a book about the “Ladies of the Lights” on the Great Lakes. The following quote from the Great Lakes Echo will explain more: However, the people […]

Travel – Bahamas Has Two Dozen Lighthouses!

Iconic lighthouses lead the way to The Bahamas from the Caribeean News Now  NASSAU, Bahamas — Sailors prized them. Pirates hated them. Today they are romantic symbols of adventure, travel and solitude. Lighthouses still stand watch throughout The Islands of The Bahamas and The Bahamas Lighthouse Preservation Society safeguards three of the world’s few remaining […]

Travel – Maine Open Lighthouse Day

I do not usually promote Facebook, but I discovered today a page for lighthouse enthusiasts – Maine Open Lighthouse Day. The Facebook page is located here. The notification of this event was from the Sun Journal website: Open Lighthouse Day set for Sept. 17  Published on Saturday, Sep 3, 2011 at 12:12 am | Last […]

What Is It?

  OK, what is it? Check out this Youtube page to see it in action! From the webpage, it says: It’s not a lamp in the shape of an evil toad. It’s a lamp that mimics the behavior of todais, a.k.a. Japanese lighthouses. Prior to today, I thought that todai meant all you can eat sushi. The Evul Todai […]