Video – I Want to Marry A Lighthousekeeper

Anyone remember this song? I was on McInnes Island when I first saw the movie “A Clockwork Orange [1971]” and heard the song. We did not have a TV station, but we did have a TV and a cassette player. (Possible)Related posts: Music Video – So Said the Lighthouse Keeper Music Video – Roots – […]

Bill S-215 – An Act to Protect Heritage Lighthouses

Since April 2000 Canadian Senator Pat Carney has been working hard to get a bill through Parliament to protect Canadian Heritage Lighthouses. It passed during the week of May 7, 2008. This bill will include buildings and equipment, including the main light on many of these stations – some being very old first-order Fresnel lenses […]

It Was a Dark and Foggy Night . . .

[audio:Pulteney_Point_2X_Electronic_Airchime.mp3|titles=Pulteney Point Electronic Airchime] “It was a dark and foggy night. Me and Rex had to think quickly to warn strangers of the treacherous rocks. Without the safety halo of the lighthouse, there was only our lantern to warn the oncoming ship. Rex howled at the emerging moon and jumped in front of the lantern’s […]