A Canadian Lighthouse Passport! Why Not?

from the United States Lighthouse Society (USLHS) webpage . . . The United States Lighthouse Society sponsors a Passport Program. A passport with a blue vinyl cover, similar in appearance to an official United States passport, is available through the Society and lighthouse retailers across the U.S. When you visit a participating lighthouse, you can […]

Travel-New Lighthouse Museum in Australia

http://www.naroomanewsonline.com.au/news/local/news/general/refurbished-lighthouse-museum-shines-a-light-on-narooma/2261656.aspx (Possible)Related posts: Maine Lighthouse Museum Travel-Sugar Loaf Point Lighthouse – Australia Travel – Australian Lighthouses Powered by YARPP.

Top 10 Tallest Lighthouses In The World

– from the website CoolThingsWorld. Today, we can find lighthouses not at the edges of the ocean only. These 10 lighthouses on the following list for example. Some are standing far away from the ocean and they rise taller than most building around the site where they stand. Here are top 10¬†tallest lighthouse¬†in the world. […]