Book – Chance Brothers Diaphone Manual

  This is a PDF copy of the Chance Diaphone Manual, which explains all the workings of the Diaphone Foghorn, and lists the many versions of the foghorn, their ranges, working pressures, sizes, etc. Click the link above to read or download the book. (Possible)Related posts: Books – Chance Brothers – Early Suppliers of Equipment for Canadian […]

Italy Still Has Manned Lighthouses

THE TWILIGHT OF ITALY’S LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS Italy will still need lighthouses. But with new technology, lighthouse keepers are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Already just 62 of the country’s 161 “faros” have actual human operators. Lighthouse in Vieste, Italy (Roby Ferrari)  By Fabio Pozzo LA STAMPA/Worldcrunch More on this story here. (Possible)Related posts: […]