Mise Tales Twenty-Four

  For an update on what a Mise Tale is then please see Mise Tales One. August 07, 2013 – August 7th every year is National lighthouse Day! Please mark it on your calendars so that you can track events next year. Yes, I know, I missed it too! SorrY!  National Lighthouse Day not only commemorates the 1789 […]


One of the reasons for the establishment of a lighthouse is to mark the dangers from the effect of extreme tides (low and high) on surrounding lands, islands, waterways, and beaches.  Look at the photo on the left of my old lighthouse at McInnes Island at low tide (click for a larger version). We can […]

Reprint – Photo Gallery: Sutton Bridge Lighthouse Renovation Restores View Which Inspired Sir Peter Scott

Photo gallery: Sutton Bridge lighthouse renovation restores view which inspired Sir Peter Scott By DAISY WALLAGE Monday, July 30, 2012 – with permission from EDP24 online With an endless sky, tantalising glimpses of the The Wash and wildfowl flying overhead, this stunning, sometimes lonely view was lost for decades as time took its toll on east […]

Three More Lighthouses Saved! Sadly not Canadian

New status shines light on landmark from UK News Guardian Published on Thursday 10 May 2012 09:29 A coastal landmark on the borough coastline has been declared a listed building to help preserve it for future generations. St Mary’s Lighthouse, a popular destination for sightseers and school trips, has been given grade II-listed status by English […]

Books – Chance Brothers – Early Suppliers of Equipment for Canadian Lighthouses

Chance Brothers – Early Suppliers of Equipment for Canadian Lighthouses  The graphic to the left appeared on The Lighthouse Society of Great Britain (LSGB) website. After much Googling for it I finally found “With regret, this website has been closed.” The information below is printed with permission of Dr. Ken Tretheway.  Dr. Trethewy’s site had all the data […]

Book – 1855 Lights for Lighthouses

This book first published in 1855 is a copy of the original produced by the Chance Brothers factory. From the handwritten prices and information, it appears to be a salesman’s copy which would have been given to the prospective buyer. As each light was specifically made for one location only, then this would have been […]

Could the UK lighthouses be about to go in the dark?

From the BBC online news  (NOTE: This is an image from the website. If the text is too small, hold down the CTRL key (lower left) on your keyboard and rotate the middle wheel on your mouse. The text will become larger or smaller depending on which direction you move the mouse wheel.) This applies […]

Book – Chance Brothers Diaphone Manual

  This is a PDF copy of the Chance Diaphone Manual, which explains all the workings of the Diaphone Foghorn, and lists the many versions of the foghorn, their ranges, working pressures, sizes, etc. Click the link above to read or download the book. (Possible)Related posts: Books – Chance Brothers – Early Suppliers of Equipment for Canadian […]