Dreams of Being a Lighthouse Keeper

For years past, adults and children of all ages had dreams of growing up to be an adventurous lighthouse keeper. That dream is slowly dimming as the world automates its lighthouses. The following article from The Guardian  brings to our attention the dimming of the dream in the UK The lure of the lighthouse for […]

Poetry – The Lighthouse Keeper Wonders

This is too good not to reprint. The Lighthouse Keeper Wonders by Edgar Guest (Wikipedia article on Edgar Guest). This is one the better lighthouse poems. I sometimes wonder too – all those beautiful lighthouses destroyed because of automation. ******************************** The Lighthouse Keeper Wondersby Edgar Guest (1881 – 1959) The light I have tended for 40 yearsis […]

Government Contracts to Paint Lighthouses

The title is a tiny bit misleading. The government is not contracting to paint the lighthouse (is not doing the job themselves using government personnel as in the olden days) but is contracting out to private persons to do the work previously done by government workers. An interesting article on the Peggys1 Cove lighthouse in […]

In Memorium – Prospect Point Lighthouse – Automated!

Prospect Point Lighthouse Latitude 49 18 50.4N, Longitude 123 08 29.1W       List of Lights #392  Established: October 01, 1888       Automated: January 1926  Three nautical miles east of Point Atkinson, situated at the base of a cliff, stands the lonely and short-lived lighthouse called Prospect Point. The light was first manned in October 1888 and was overshadowed by […]

Triple Island – Inside the Lighthouse – 2012

  In June 22, 2011 I published an article about the Triple Island 3rd order lens which has now been replaced with a flashlight (see the article). I have never spent any work time on Triple Island, but I have landed there once or twice with the Coast Guard helicopters as a passenger. I never […]

Discovery Island Lighthouse Rots in the Sun

Automated in 1977, these videos show what happens to a sadly neglected automated lighthouse. What a place for a B&B! Thanks to Discovery Island website for the information. Just for your information discoveryisland.ca does not seem to be working anymore. The two following videos I found on Youtube were originally posted by the website discoveryisland.ca Take a […]

Here Is How To Do It in Prince Edward Island

This is how you go about saving a lighthouse. Work for it! Work together for it. Councillor Rob Lantz of Charlottetown electoral ward 3 (Brighton), Charlottetown, PEI, Canada has given me permission to repost this article here from his Ward 3 Brighton blog. ******************************** Saving the Brighton Beach Range Light Published by Councillor Rob Lantz on January 10, 2012   […]

Music Video – Roots – And No One’s In The Lighthouse!

 This song is from the album Undun by the Roots. It is called Lighthouse. The words to the chorus are interesting. Imagine lying in the ocean and seeing a lighthouse nearby and no one sees you because it is unmanned! Imagine the feeling of fear! Think automation? Unmanning lighthouses? No one’s in the lighthouseYou’re face […]

Humour – A Casualty of Automation

The following was supposedly an actual advertisement in an Irish newspaper:        1985 Blue Volkswagen Golf      Only 15 km      Only first gear and reverse used      Never driven hard      Original tires      Original brakes      Original fuel and oil      Only 1 driver      Owner wishing to sell due to employment lay-off At least according to Dan’s Lighthouse Page! (Possible)Related posts: A Casualty of Automation ‘Automation’ Comes to Triple Island […]

Don’t Let the Lighthouses Go Dark – special reprint

The following article by Bella Bathhurst from the Notting Hill Editions Journal was passed to me by a BC lightkeeper. It was so well written I asked permission to reprint it here. Pay special attention to the author’s reasons for keeping lighthouses. *************************************  Don’t Let the Lighthouses go Dark by Bella Bathhurst – published November […]