Then You’ve Got to Clean Them!

Nice fish eh? This one is a forty-seven (47)  pound (21.3 kg) Spring Salmon. (Possible)Related posts: Now You Have to Cook Them! West Coast Recipes – Part One Triple Island Lighthouse is a Great Place to Fish! Powered by YARPP.

The Love of My Life – Ms. Enterprise!

When my wife Karen and I started on Pulteney Point  in 1969 the house was supplied with a beautiful white porcelain enamel Enterprise oil cook stove. Ms. Enterprise had a “polished cast iron cook top, roomy storage drawer, even heat porcelain oven, no-fog oven window” 1 and a high shelf above the cooking surface. As the lighthouse generators ran […]

Thomas Crosby V – One of the “Bookboats”

One of the most frequent visitors to the lighthouses, beside the Coast Guard (CG) ships and helicopters, was the United Church medical mission boat, nicknamed a God-Boat or Godship, the Thomas Crosby V (TCV). The following article used to be on the Prince Rupert Library (PRL) website. The article was borrowed with their permission before it […]