Mise Tales Thirty-Eight

  For an update on what a Mise Tale is then please see Mise Tales One. As mentioned earlier on the front page of my website, any photos or cartoons, or short information will also be included again later in the next Misc Tales when it is removed from the front page. That way you can keep track of […]

Mise Tales Twenty

  For an update on what a Mise Tale is then please see Mise Tales One. And Pinterest Does It Again . . . more lighthouse photos! ********************** Mallory Knox and Lighthouse (song and lyrics) And I’m so tiredOf these buried lies,We spoke about a thousand timesWhen all your friends stuck by your sideTurning backs and minds,Whilst all […]

Music Video – So Said the Lighthouse Keeper

   A very interesting and haunting song by Klaatu.  *********************************   So Said the Lighthouse Keeper by Klaatu “I am the very loneliest of all creatures in the universe Indeed I am an epitaph to manFor having witnessed mass destruction like you’ve never dreamed and worseI fear I shall bear witness once again.” So said […]

Song – Lighthouse by Runrig (with videos)

A friend found this for me, and sent me the links. It is nice song, and the photos are so beautiful that I just had to share it. There are two versions with different photos. I have inserted the lyrics in between the two videos so they are available for both. The first video has […]

Video – I Want to Marry A Lighthousekeeper

Anyone remember this song? I was on McInnes Island when I first saw the movie “A Clockwork Orange [1971]” and heard the song. We did not have a TV station, but we did have a TV and a cassette player. (Possible)Related posts: Music Video – So Said the Lighthouse Keeper Music Video – Roots – […]