Animated Map of Global Wind Conditions

One of the duties of a lighthouse keeper is the reporting of the weather for the boats, aircraft and also for forecasting. One of the things reported is the wind speed. From all around the world the wind speed is recorded and reported from countless weather stations. Below are two screenshots of a new webpage […]

Ship Movements – It Keeps Getting Better!

On August 08, 2013 I wrote Canadian Firm Tracks Earth’s Ships From Space which also refers to another 2012 article What Ship Is That? Now we have an even better program, free, and online, called Marine Traffic. The screen shot above of Marine Traffic for 05:30 UTC (Z) for November 30, 2013 shows the freighter Axios (bottom left) off […]

Reprint – The World’s Most Incredible Lighthouses

  The World’s Most Incredible Lighthouses See the amazing towers from Cape Hatteras to Thailand from Weather.AOL.com by VALERIE CONNERS JAN 15, 2013 kaddisudhi via Flickr 1 of 21   It’s hard to resist the allure of lighthouses. They stand sentry on rock-strewn, wave-battered coasts, often for for centuries, guiding mariners toward safer shores. And their very presence is a […]

How Many Countries in the World Have MANNED Lighthouses?

  I am often asked how many countries in the world still have manned lighthouses, and how many. Do you know? There is one minor problem – How Many Countries Are There? Watch this short Youtube video to find out . . . or not! I am asking for help in finding out which countries actually do have […]